Healing Pathways to a Healthier You

The path upward is the journey inward.

Are you searching for your own way to health and wellness?

From popular TV programs such as Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, to the millions of internet followers who sign-up to practice meditation, to the millions reading books about happiness… the modern quest for healthy practices and inner peace is challenging.

While you can find many health and wellness strategies “out there,” many of them have shallow roots. I can help you find strategies that are the right fit for you — strategies with deep roots and powerful results.

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Fayth’s latest book:

HIV/AIDS in Rural Communities: Research, Education, and Advocacy

This wide-ranging volume reviews the experience and treatment of HIV/AIDS in rural America at the clinical, care system, community, and individual levels. Rural HIV-related phenomena are explored within healthcare contexts and the social environment, and contrasted with urban frames of reference. Contributors present latest findings on HIV medications, best practices, and innovative opportunities for improving care and care settings, plus invaluable first-person perspective on the intersectionality of patient subpopulations.

How to Write a Book Interview: HIV/AIDS: Sharing the Stories in an Anthology and Tedx-Talks

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